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Discover the sensitive skincare for post-acne and barrier-damaged skin.

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Savaip® products are enriched with natural and scientifically-proven ingredients, offering the perfect regimen for your journey towards radiant skin.
  • A Savaip Skin beige skincare tube with bold blue typography, labeled as "Moisture-Lock Cream". The tube features a vibrant blue cap.
    A young man with red hair smiling and holding up a yellow tube of Savaip Moisture-Lock Cream against a red background.
    Moisture-Lock Cream

    Moisture-Lock Cream

    Regular price €22,99
  • Beige tube of Savaip Beginner Retinol Night Cream with red cap on a light background.
    A woman with curly hair applying a product labeled Savaip Beginner Retinol Night cream on her face against a red background.
    Beginner-Retinol Night Cream

    Beginner-Retinol Night Cream

    Regular price €26,99
  • A peach-colored pump bottle of Savaip skincare product labeled "GEL to MILK Cleanser", featuring the Savaip Skin signature blue and white logo on a pastel background.
    A person in a blue shirt holding a peach-colored Savaip skincare bottle labeled "GEL to MILK Cleanser" with details like Oat Extract, Allantoin and Lactic Acid on the packaging, set against a vibrant red background.
    Gel-to-Milk Cleanser

    Gel-to-Milk Cleanser

    Regular price €16,99
  • A beige Savaip skin skincare bottle with a peach-colored cap, showcasing a vibrant green logo and labeled "Level-Up Serum in Toner", set against a soft peach background.
    A person with long blonde hair and a joyful expression, holding a beige Savaip skincare bottle labeled Level-Up Serum in Toner, wearing a red houndstooth-patterned top against a red background.
    Level-Up Serum in Toner

    Level-Up Serum in Toner

    Regular price €17,99
  • Discover & Try Sample Kit
    Discover & Try Sample Kit
    Discover & Try Sample Kit

    Discover & Try Sample Kit

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  • Plump-Glow Milky Toner
    Plump-Glow Milky Toner
    Plump-Glow Milky Toner

    Plump-Glow Milky Toner

    Regular price €23,59
  • Sensitive skin friendly

  • Microbiome beneficial

  • Vegan

  • Scientifically-proven ingredients

Three Steps for Calm and Hydrated Skin

  • Close-up of a woman with long blonde hair applying Savaip Gel-to-Milk cleanser, wearing a pink blouse.


    A gentle yet effective cleanser is the foundation of any skincare routine. It serves as a essential step in removing dirt, excess oil, and impurities from your skin's surface.
  • Close-up of a woman in a pink blouse pouring Savaip Serum-in-Toner hydrating toner.


    Often underestimated, toner is the unsung hero of any skincare routine, it can refresh, boost hydration, calm and sooth your skin.
  • Close-up of a woman in a pink blouse holding Savaip branded tube labeled Moisture Lock Cream.


    Moisturiser is your skin's ultimate shield, it acts as a protective barrier against external aggressors, while providing hydration and locking in moisture.
Miniature shopping basket filled with Savaip skincare and beauty products against a blue background with a repeated 'S'  Savaip Skin pattern; an open Savaip Moisture-Lock cream tube lies next to the basket.

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For Savaip®, skincare isn't just a routine, it's a gesture of care. Each bottle embodies our passion, ensuring your skin feels the happiness with every use.

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