SAVAIP: Embrace Your Authenticity

Ever heard of word "SAVAIP"? In Lithuanian, it means "In Your Own Way". That's the essence behind our name, and our belief too. We're all about celebrating the unique you. Every skin journey is deeply personal, and we're on standby, ready to support yours. Why? Because when you're comfortable in your skin, everything just feels right.
  • Where We Come From

    We're from lovely country named Lithuania. Yep, that place with stunning nature and, honestly, some pretty wild weather. Over here, taking care of your skin isn't just about looking good—it's a real need.
    And just like everywhere else, many of us deal with anxiety and the blues, especially our younger folks. That's where our idea started brewing.
  • What We're All About

    We had this dream: Why not help people feel happier and make their skin smile at the same time? It's simple really—when you're happy inside, it shows on the outside. And if your skin's acting up? That can get you down. So we thought, let's tackle both.

Your skin's happiness is our ultimate goal

We decided skincare shouldn't be boring or complicated. Our products? It's colorful, easy to use, and feels like a mini-break for your skin and mind. That's why we are here to transform your skincare routine into a vibrant, sensory experience.
  • Targeted Care

    We specialize in rejuvenating post-acne and barrier-damaged skin.
  • Effective Yet Gentle

    Our formulas strike the perfect balance — powerful results without the harshness.
  • Nature Meets Science

    We rely on natural ingredients backed by science to truly understand and care for your skin.

Make your skin smile ☺️

Life's too short for dull skincare routines. With us, expect joy, simplicity, and real results. So, ready to embark on a skincare adventure tailored just for you? Let's do this together. Discover skincare in your own way!